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Study Buddy Team is here to guide you and represent you in your Immigration Need. Through our Experience and Expert Assessment through our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) who is an authorized immigration and citizenship representative, we evaluate your Visa / Immigration application and guide you in every step of your journey.

Our Consultants are Licensed to Practice Immigration

We are member of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant R-711237

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Our Services

Explore Your Immigration Option

You may qualify to Immigrate to Canada through Different Category or Streams that are Available through Canadian Provinces or Federal Immigration Programs.

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Immigration opportunity in canada through canadian international student graduate stream

Canada is often known as a welcoming nation for immigrants. Every year, Canada surprises the world by increasing its annual immigrant intake…

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Gain canadian work experience. Come to canada through work permit (LMIA & LMIA Exempt Canadian Jobs)

You may be able to work in Canada through Temporary Work Permits obtained with the help of a Canadian Employer in a skilled job ….

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Are you a skilled worker? Immigrate to canada through foreign education & experience as skilled worker

When you study in Canada as an International Student it opens up your opportunity to gain Canadian Experience which will eventually open your ….

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Start a business / Invest in local Business & stay permanently in canada

Are you someone who has a Business Expertise, or have Verifiable Knowledge in Running a Business with managerial experience …..

Your Journey Starts here with Study Buddy

One of the biggest challenges in Immigrating to Canada is understanding your available option and making informed decision. Every step is important, and a small mistake may lead to administrative delay or your opportunity to prove your good intention to come to stay permanently in Canada.

This is why some time having a professional by your side is very important so that those mistakes can be minimized, and your success stay positive.

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Our Team

Meet Our Leadership

More than anything we value our relationship with our clients. You will be with our team that is dedicated to working with you with diligence, taking care of your application process on time with the dedicated services that you can afford.

Rakesh Sharma

Consulting Partner

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant  (RCIC) - R705958

Johny Hans

CEO & Founder

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) -R711237

Misha Pelletier

Head of French Program

Abbigail Plant

HR Manager

Shayna Graves


Dawson Pena

Tax Consultant
Customer Story and Reviews

Our Service Speak Our Quality

Our vision is to help qualified individuals and families immigrate to Canada

Anish Kharalia
Anish Kharalia
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So far, we have had a great experience with Team Check Check Services for my Admission Support and Study Buddy Canada for my filing. Absolutely humble and professional people. Ms. Mona from the team has been in touch with us continuously and helped us at various stages of the Study permit for Canada. Mr. Johnny Hans is also available to answer any questions. I strongly believe they provided more services than they charged us. Glad to have contacted them. Look forward to a long relationship with their Team ❤️🙏
Sharad Parmar
Sharad Parmar
Read More
One of the most genuine services in terms of immigration work I ever found, their team is very helpful and supportive, especially Mona mam. She clears even a small doubt without any hesitation. I am really grateful to them for their services and I even suggest people get their work done from them and you won't regret it.
Akhilesh D
Akhilesh D
Read More
The services provided by Check Check services and Study Buddy Canada are very sincere and prompt. My Counselor, guided and helped me in choosing the correct college for my course. The best part which I liked was that, If needed, Johny Hans himself is always available to clarify your doubts and queries. I would definitely recommend Check Check Services to my friends.
Vrinda Sharma
Vrinda Sharma
Read More
Impressive services n staff is very experienced and cooperative, I felt them like family members who are helping me for finding better carrier as well as good Institute in Canada, they helped at every stage, moreover very honest people are in staff. I wish your services strives for excellence and do wonders.

Google rating score: 4.7 out of 5, based on 48 reviews.

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