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Employer Solution to Hire Foreign Worker through Immigration

Foreign Worker Connect

Our team understands how different industries work and how crucial it is to have the right talent to keep the day-to-day operation of your business smooth. We are a group of individuals who understand talent pooling, talent acquisition, and advising international talents on what education, career, and employment will work for them the best and connecting them to their future employer in Canada with the experience they have. If you are a Canadian Employer who is finding it difficult to hire needed human resources within Canada you have the option to bring the talents needed from outside of Canada Hire Canadian International Student Graduate who is finishing their education in Canada or a Temporary Foreign Worker who already in Canada who is looking for Employer Change. We can help you in addressing your labor shortage in Skilled Labour, Highly Skilled Labour with IT, Business, Management Experience or Skilled Trade, or Semi-Skilled Resources Hiring with the help of our partner network and Global Foreign Worker Recruitment Partnerships.

Through Our Foreign Worker Connect Program we are looking forward to serving your company to identify the best foreign worker program that will meet your hiring need.

Through our Retainer Agreement, we will be representing your company at Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for Labour Market Impact Assessment and once approved representing your prospective Employee for their Work Permit application with Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). To connect or hire a foreign worker we welcome you to connect with us for a quick call so that we get to work finding the right talent through our effort. Our Services are affordable and the Quality of Talents that will be Submitted will be reassessed through our talent acquisition team.

Industries We Serve


Information Technology




Customer Service



Food Process

Heavy Vehicle Drivers



Parts Assembly

Health Care



Sales & Marketing



Oil & Gas

Electrical & Plumbing

Our Process:

Step 1 Engagement:

  1. Assessment your staffing requirement
  2. Recruitment through our local and global partners
  3. Selection Process – Reference Check & Preliminary Video Interview
  4. Language Evaluation
  5. Document Verification and Translation through Partner Network
  6. Provide Hotlist of Candidate and Arrange Selection Interview

Step 2 Engagement:

  1. Process Assistance with selecting NOC, Wage Rates, Air Transport, Accommodation responsibility
  2. LMIA Assistance and Representation to ensure all requirements are met
  3. Recruitment Effort to advertise on your behalf on Government Job Bank or paid Job Boards to comply with the Canadian government guideline.
  4. Representation Service acting as your authorized representative before ESDC (Service Canada) minimizing your administrative task
  5. Foreign Worker Visa Guidance for the selected applicant through our in-house Licensed Immigration Consultant to through retainer agreement to ensure their application is presented to minimize the possibility of refusal.
  6. Orientation Session for Candidate and employer
  7. Permanent Residence Consultation for Foreign Workers to enhance foreign workers’ loyalty and commitment to their new position (if applicable).

Our Service & Consulting Fees

We offer a first assessment for free to evaluate the following criteria:

  • The type of worker, experience, education and skills the you are looking for a specific position.
  • Advertisement the you have done before for the required job opening.
  • Labour market conditions, contract length, and any special job requirements.

To receive free evaluation and quote customized to your requirements, contact Study Buddy Canada for the best possible quote (no hidden fees). It’s Simple to reach us Call, Email, or send us the contact us form.

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